Woman Fires Several Shot At Vehicle, Injuring A 6-Year-Old Girl


A woman in Oroville was arrested by the sheriffs on Saturday after she allegedly shot a 6-year-old girl in South Sacramento, according to the Sheriff’s Department.     The horrifying incident happened on July 26 at about 7:20 pm on Fruitridge Road and Lawrence Drive when 21-year-old Adreiona Taylor fired numerous shots at a vehicle near […]

JU Molestation Case: Accused Agrees To Cooperate With The Probe


The Jadavpur university came into limelight last Sunday when an undergraduate student of English department wrote a post about her alleged sexual harassment by one of her classmates, Ekalavya Chaudhuri who also happens to be the son of one of the Professors in the same department. Since then, At least 13 more girls have come […]

13 Jadavpur University Students Allege Sexual Harassment By Professor’s Son


In one of the most distressing cases of sexual harassment, 13 students of Jadavpur University have alleged that the son of a professor at the department of English sexually harassed them online and molested a few of them in person. All the women have accused Ekalavya Chaudhuri, son of Chandrayee Niyogi, of harassing them online […]

Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend To Death Over Infidelity


A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death over infidelity issue  in Eldoret area in Kenya. 20-year-old Brenda Nyongesa reportedly stabbed 32-year-old Ibrahim Onyango in the ribs, that killed him on the spot. She accused him of cheating on her with some other girl. Eldoret West Officer Commanding Police Division Samuel Mutunga confirmed the incident […]

Jealous Neighbour Makes A Bomb-Hoax Call, To Stop The Boy From Studying Abroad Because Her Daughter Was Rejected

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This could be one of the most bizarre news pieces you have read today. It’s true that jealousy can actually take you to any darn level but what this covetous lady did to show her enmity is incredible.   A woman based in Jaipur called airport authorities reporting that her neighbor’s son, who was travelling […]

Russian Mother Films Herself Beating Two-Year-Old Son To Send Video To ex Husband As Punishment

Pic shows: mother Tatiana. Police are investigating after video footage went viral of a mother beating her two-year-old son to punish her ex-husband for abandoning them. The horrifying footage which shows the boy, named only by his first name Sasha, screaming as the blows rain down. They were then reportedly then sent to her ex-husband's family. According to local media, the pictures were taken by the mother identified only as Tatiana at the family home in the south-western Russian city of Rostov-On-Don. Local media said that Tatiana was furious when the husband walked out on the marriage and announced he was filing for divorce. As a result, she started beating the little boy to punish the father. The unnamed relative, who claims to have received the tape, said: "She was blackmailing her husband with these videos and was sending them to his sister." The woman is apparently screaming in the background as she hits her son, saying: "There you go you little sod! I will make you miserable because of every wrongdoing of your dad. And it will go onto your dad sort things out, did you get me?" The child has reportedly now been taken away from the mother and placed in a hospital for treatment, and Russian news site bloknot noted that the boy did not cry for his mother when social workers came to take him away. On the contrary, he eagerly grabbed the hand of the social worker and tried to leave the house as quickly as possible. Medics confirmed the boy's body had been badly bruised, although these will heal. His family said however they were more worried about the mental scars, saying he had become shy and was refusing to speak to any adults. His grandmother and aunt on his father's side are now fighting for custody of the boy. Police and the prosecutor's office are investigating the case. (ends)

A mother of two-year-old alleged video graphed herself beating and torturing her two-year-old in order to send the distressed video to her ex-husband who left them. She wanted to punish him for leaving them.   The mother, known only as Tatiana, is now being investigated by police officials in the southwestern Russian city of Rostov-On-Don. […]

Woman throttled Mother-In-Law Before Committing Suicide


A Woman has allegedly killed her mother-in-law before committing suicide. At first, it seemed like the both of them had committed suicide but after further investigations, it came out that her Daughter-in-law killed her. The police have verified the statement of the neighbours and husband of the woman and have confirmed that the two women, […]