10-Year-Old ‘Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Deals With Sexist Remarks & Misogynistic Comments

Globally known as the ‘most beautiful girl in the world’ 10-year-old Kristina Pimenova has bagged modeling assignments by heavyweights in this industry such as Vogue, Italia, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and others. But this has not prevented her from being the victim of sexist comments thrown at her online.

Kristina’s Instagram account has over 1.2 million followers and on Facebook, she is close to gaining 4 million. But her beauty has an ugly price attached to it. At a tender age of ten, she is being objectified by men who are ready to ‘wait for her’. Ironically her tagline says ‘Remember beauty is inside’, going by which none of those men are deserving of her.

Last year Kristina’s mother was accused of uploading ‘provocative’ pictures of her daughter on the social media. But her mother Glikeriya Pimenova silenced them by calling the accusations ‘baseless’ and added that the people who think that Kristina is a ‘babe’ just because she was clicked wearing a bathing suit at the beach where every person including little girls wear it, then they are nothing but ‘pedophiles.’


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But this round of accusations is nothing new. It is just an example of the double standards men adopt when they are not able to handle a beautiful woman. This is the sort of mindset that culminates into ‘victim-shaming’ mentality in the case of rapes and assaults. Objectifying anyone whether it is a male or a female is a sick act and should be prevented at all costs. Beauty should be treated as a prized possession and not as a fault.

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