11-Year Old Boy Raped And Killed In Pakistan

A Pakistani Hindu boy has been raped and murdered in Pakistan’s Sindh Province.


Chetan Kumar, father of the 11-year-old boy said that his son was found dead in a swimming pool inside Hyderabad Club on April 13. He also claimed that his son was intentionally thrown into the pool to cover up sexual abuse and subsequent murder.


The boy went missing for more than an hour despite tight security inside the club. His body was later found ‘bearing torture marks on his face’ floating in the four-foot-deep swimming pool in the club.


Victim’s father said that despite repeated requests, the club’s administration was not providing him access to the CCTV footage from the day of the incident.

However, senior police official Rahat Azeem said that CCTV footage has been secured and investigation into the matter is going on.


“We have secured the CCTV footage and are questioning employees at the club to find out what happened but the father says the boy had marks on his face and body and was first abused and then murdered to cover up the crime,” Azeem said.


Since the incident, large number Protesters have gathered and demanded the Sindh government to order a comprehensive investigation into the alleged murder of the boy as till now no leads have been procured.

Former Member of National Assembly Kiswan Chand Parwani, and former Member Provincial Assembly Lachhman Karmani and others challenged that the young boy did not drown but was raped and then hurled into the pool to make it look like an accident.


Further investigations are going on and post-mortem report of the victim’s body will also unfold many answers by coming week related to the sexual abuse and how the child was murdered, as there were many marks on the body and face of the child.

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