13 Jadavpur University Students Allege Sexual Harassment By Professor’s Son

In one of the most distressing cases of sexual harassment, 13 students of Jadavpur University have alleged that the son of a professor at the department of English sexually harassed them online and molested a few of them in person. All the women have accused Ekalavya Chaudhuri, son of Chandrayee Niyogi, of harassing them online by sending lewd messages, blackmailing them and demanding sexual favours.


They issued a joint statement online on Monday elaborating on their charges. An official complaint  has been registered with the JU authorities as well.


“We have been touched without our consent. We have been objectified filthily. We have been made to feel like pieces of meat by a man who is utterly despicable. He believes that his actions will not yield any consequences,” the women, who are also students at the English department, said.

They also told the authorities that Janhabi Mukherjee, Eklavya’s friend and a student of Presidency University’s English department abetted him in harassing and intimidating them online and in person during college hours.


“Jointly, they have both used their privilege to try and keep us silent. Jointly, they have violated our bodies and our minds. Jointly, they have attempted to erase our own agency over our lives. Not anymore. Today, we speak out as survivors of these vile, poisonous human beings. Today, we take a stand against crimes against women, patriarchy, elitism, entitlement, privilege, and bullying. We take this stand to retake our agency, to re-establish the narratives that were taken from us,” they said

The case came to notice when one of the victims took to social media when her patience wrung down. Also, the women have submitted screenshots of lewd messages as evidence to the authorities.


The girl told the media that she had complained about him in august 2015 but he was merely rebuked before going scot-free.


A general body meeting of JU has been called to pass a resolution so that the sexual harassment cell may initiate formal proceedings.



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