15-year-old shot down his 18-year-old brother as they both wanted the same girl

A central Pennsylvania boy in his teens apparently shot down his own brother because they both fell for the same girl. 15-year-old Dakota Thornton presently is in prison after he reportedly made a confession to police, ‘I shot my brother’. Both the brothers wanted a same girl which led to the argument between them.


The incident occurred in Dauphin County in Pennsylvania, US.  The teenage boy had an argument with his elder brother Dominick who was 18 year old over a girl they both had feelings for. Coincidently both the brothers liked a same girl.


Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico, said: “The brothers were having a dispute over a young lady. Both of them apparently were romantically interested in this young girl and that’s what lead ultimately to the killing.


“It’s undoubtedly unfamiliar to have such a case where a brother shoots and gun down his own brother especially over a girl, whom they were supposedly to be romantically linked.


Dominick was killed in an apartment at around 2am on Wednesday morning. It was suspected to be an outsider role but when police confronted the younger teenager, he allegedly could not bear the pressure and confessed about the murder. He said he didn’t want to kill him but couldn’t control his wrath at that moment which leads to his death. Dominick was pronounced dead at the crime scene.

The cases of homicides in Dauphin County are taken care in the adult court system and Dakota will face charges of first degree murder and possession of a weapon.


District attorney, Mr Marsico said: “This particular family you have one brother who is dead and the other who is facing a long time in prison for killing his older brother so, it’s a tragic event and one that was entirely preventable.”


If both the boys would have talked about it amiably rather then being loggerheads with each other, this inhumanness can have been prevented. The girl couldn’t be reached for any comments for the alleged love triangle.



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