Two Year Old Stabbed By Father With Rolling Pin

The only fault of the two-year-old child was that she woke up from her nap and started crying after not seeing her mother around.

In one harrowing case in Delhi northeast area, near Shastri park, a father gruesomely slayed his daughter to death by repeatedly piercing her with a rolling pin.

The incident took place on Saturday when Nariz Sheikh, a 28-year-old rickshaw puller by profession came home from work and tried to sleep. Apparently, he was ‘disturbed’ and ‘frustrated’ by his daughter’s loud crying after she awoke from her nap.

He went outside to look for his wife to take care of the child but unable to find her, he became agitated and punched the child in the stomach and then in her face. This only provoked the child to cry even more loudly and wail in pain.

Infuriated by his daughter’s howling, he allegedly attacked the two year old with a rolling pin until she stopped crying which lead to her death. She died at the scene of the attack.

Meanwhile, Rahul, the couple’s nine-year-old son witnessed the harrowing incident and immediately went to neighbors for help.

Reportedly, police were informed and arrived shortly thereafter; however, furious neighbors beat Sheikh before he was handed over to police officials.

”The accused has been arrested under charge of murder. The girl’s body has been sent for postmortem examination and the nine-year-old boy’s statement has been recorded,” a senior police officer said.

Sheikh married Firdousa Begum around 10 years ago, and the couple were living with their two children in a slum area in Shastri Park area.

The mother of the daughter wasn’t available for any comments.

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