22-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Killed By Her Mother In Name of ‘Honour’

Pakistan has been in the news lately for its heart-wrenching ‘Honour-killing’ incidents and with this case, it seems like there is no end to the gruesome acts of murdering loved ones in the name of honor.



A mother slashed the throat of her 22-year-old pregnant daughter in Pakistan’s Punjab province.


A police official said, ‘Muqadas, a resident of Butranwali, Gujranwala, some 80 kilometres from Lahore had a love marriage with Taufeeq of her locality against the will of her family some three years ago.


Superintendent of Police (civil lines) Nadeem Khokhar told the media that the family of Muqadas was not happy with her decision of marrying Taufeeq after eloping with him. They thought she has brought shame to the family and since then decided to teach her lesson. Three years had passed but the anger never faded away which lead to the killing of a 22-year-old.

“Amna, the mother of Muqadas, recently contacted her and told her that the family had pardoned her. She invited the couple to her house. However, yesterday when the 8-month pregnant Muqadas was present at a clinic in her locality for a check-up Amna reached there and took her to her house, SP told the media.



Initial reports and findings suggested that Amna with the help of her husband Arshad and son Adil tortured Muqadas brutally before she took a knife and slit open her throat.


A murder case has been registered against six people including mother, father and brother of the victim.


Even after three years of marriage Muqadas family wanted revenge from daughter for bringing shame to a family. They emotionally trapped her and later killed her brutally in the name of honour.

According to the latest reports, around 1,100 women have been killed in past one year on the pretext of defending, what is called as the family honour.






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