Bar Loved By Many African Americans Closes In St. Louis – Is It Because Of Bigotry?

A neighborhood that loves partying and doesn’t object the noise should be great for Trops. But this is not the real scenario with Trops. When Tropical Liqueurs found Soulard neighborhood, St. Louis, the entire crew was jumping in joy, to find such a treasure. Trops specializes in frozen drinks, and is very successful when it comes to alluring younger people. What happened to Trops was, it was too successful in tempting a good percentage of the African Americans. The neighbors who were happy when white college crowd came in, was not of the same mood when Black Americans enjoyed the merriment of the bar.

A huge list, from the music being too loud to the trash, was given out, and the local code officials attacked the bar. It is not too uncommon for any bar to play loud music, or to end up with loads of trash. Trops on the other hand, played their part well by adhering to the demands and even went beyond what was expected from them. Their license let them keep open till 1.30 PM, but they shut down voluntarily at 12. They asked for help from off duty policemen to pick trash and to regulate traffic. Their patio music ended at 11.30 PM, while other bars went on and on. The owner of the bar, Billy Thompson went even further by banning hoodies and baggy pants. In spite of all these, the license of the owner ends on April 9th, giving the hint that racism has won.

When their Facebook page announced the closure, every one vented out that bigotry wins. But, a few also complained about the bar breaking a few rules, which included serving go to drinks, while the same is legal in Columbia. Even drive through, which they are accused of, is a part of city culture here.  A few hint there can be other reasons, as there are more bars who do not like Trops prospering in the community.

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