Three Women Held for Kidnapping A 62-Year-Old Man

3 women in a bid of extorting money, kidnapped a 62-year-old retired tehsildar and demanded a ransom of Rs 2.5 lakh from his family members in Sriganganagar city of Rajasthan.



The women threatened the family that if the ransom  amount was not paid, they would falsely implicate the 62-year-old man in a rape case. They said that they would register an FIR against him accusing him of sexually molesting them.

The gang owned by a 32-year-old Suman, knew the retired tehsildar ,Manohar lal and lured him into a trap which led to his kidnapping. The police nabbed three accused when they came to a place with the victim to take the ransom amount of 2.5 lakh from family members who were waiting at the spot.

“Suman called him up saying that he could get a mobile tower set up there and earn a monthly rent. To finalise the deal, Suman called him to Hanumangarh on Friday,” said a police officer.

The officer said Manohar Lal reached Hanumangarh and met Suman and two other women identified as Sheela Devi and Sulochana Devi. While Sheela hails from Bhadara, Sulochana belongs to a village in Haryana’s Sirsa district.

“The three women forced him into a rented car and kept driving around in Hanumangarh. They threatened him that if he made noise they would start screaming and implicate him in a rape case. They then demanded a ransom of Rs 2.5 lakh to release him,” said the officer.

As soon as the family got the ransom call, they informed the police. Thereafter, police laid a trap to nab the three accused.

And it is also believed that these women have been involved in similar cases of kidnapping and extortion of money in the past.

“We are doing a background check on them. Further investigation is going on,” said the officer.

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