Krudish Woman Shot Dead At Wedding For Refusing Marriage To Cousin

In the name of honour killing, a Krudish woman lost her life as a result of her refusal of an arranged marriage to her cousin in Hannover.


Her father stopped the wedding as soon as she confronted her decision to him. But her cousin brothers couldn’t take the rebuttal shot her three times in the head in full family view, which left everyone devastated.


The incident happened in a jiffy that nobody could help the woman from family. It is a case of homicide.


The news went viral after Shilan’s father, Ghazi, 50, posted the picture of her dead body lying on the ground spilled blood all over, surrounded by distressed wedding guests.


He wrote on his Facebook account: “With great sadness, pain and a bleeding heart, I announce the death of my beloved daughter Shilan.”


He seeks justice for her daughter death that he said was at a prime time in her life. She became a victim of “an insidious betrayal, customs and traditions. It is a crime against an innocent person. We live here in Europe!”


Shilan was forced into an arranged marriage with her cousin, Sefin, which she refused. Ghazi’s two brothers, Numan H. and H. Hassan, had organized it and decided to take revenge on Shilan for her refusal to marry.

The killer, Sefin, went on the run after the murder and is still at large. The police have launched an arrest warrant against the accused.

Shilan was three year old when her family fled to Germany from Iraq; she became a German citizen and studied property management.



A life was inhumanly taken only out of vengeance. This incident is spine chilling and shocking and raises question against the worn-out customs and tradition that are still prevailing in 21st century.


No one should be forced into anything in the name of outmoded rites and rituals.



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