Mother Suffering From PTSD Jumped Off Cliff Holding Her Baby Son

Jasmine Riley, 25, was found dead at the bottom of a Maroubra cliff face, with her two-year-son Braxton on Thursday night. Both the bodies were recovered following a desperate search operation, which came too late, as both were dead by then.



Her cousin, Beau Bonning, said she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from domestic violence in a past her relationship, which might have forced her to take such an extreme step.



Mr Bonning told Daily Mail Australia the domestic violence ‘was in the past’ and he couldn’t say any more ‘out of respect for Jay, her family and his also.’


‘It was not because of her most recent relationship… that’s all I can say on that,’ he said


Harsh physical abuse does take a toll on people and at times it leads to depression, which might have happened in the case of Jasmine.


On further investigation, before jumping she posted a status of her Facebook account which stated, “’This will come as a shock to most people because I’m always happy and smiling, it’s funny that you can hide behind a smile. Don’t call me a coward. Anyone who knows how petrified of heights I am knows that this jump was the bravest thing I’ve ever done”


Police were called to a cliff face at Lurline Bay, near Maroubra Beach on Thursday evening after some teenagers reported that they saw two bodies on the beach. The officers discovered the bodies of a woman and toddler with the help of surf lifesavers.


Authorities have said there were ‘no apparent suspicious circumstances’ surrounding the deaths, which rules out any other possibilities except for suicide.


The family is still in shock though they were aware of the physical abuse she went through but for them it was a past thing as she used to be happy and smiling all day. However, Jasmine wasn’t able to overcome the scars of being abused and was mentally disturbed unbeknown to anyone.


Jasmine was a successful horse trainer and was living with her family post her break-up.




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