An Open Reply To Feminists Who Asked Why MRA’s Don’t Help Gay Men, trans men, Male Rape Victims, Etc.






Good question. Same answer as for “Where are modern liberal feminist women fighting for the mother-in-laws who have been jailed, sister-in-laws who have been jailed for 498a Wives, mothers, sisters daughters of men falsely accused of sexual crimes who lost their livelihood? Why are you not concerned about those women? Why don’t you have any pity for the daughter and wife of the Nirbhaya case accused. What are you doing you help them?”

Why are so-called modern liberal feminist women so concerned about harassing and abusing MRA women and their infant children online?


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    Also I hear a lot more MRA addressing gay males and male rape victims then I do feminists. Especially in the case of male rape victims of women, what I most often hear from feminists are “but women have it so much worse” or “women have had it so much worse for centuries” or “99% of male rape is committed by other men, not women” and that talking about men raped by women is “derailing”

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