Another Racist Attacks An Innocent Victim In Iowa

Few days after the Minnesota racist attack, it’s time to focus on another xenophobic incident in Iowa. Thankfully, the racial bigot has given his statement that the attack on the victim was on racial basis. Donald Trump is usually associated with these attacks, and his rallies prove to be against people with the skin color of black and other ethnicities, except Americans. Racist people feel this enough encouragement to step out, and attack innocent victims, and this is what Andy Benavidez did. The 47 old attacker, surprisingly wore a surgical mask while the violence was on. The shocking reason behind the surgical mask is that he did not want to get contaminated by the germs of the black victim.

“I’m allergic to black people”, was what he uttered when questioned about the reason for the attack. Initially it was a fight, for which the authorities were called for, but later it turned out to be a racial attack. The attacker screamed racial epithets at the victim while physically assaulting the man. Authorities who arrived at the scene arrested Benavidez. He is facing assault charges, and as he has accepted himself as a flaming racist, he will also be charged with hate crime.

With someone supporting from The White House, the racist attackers would not mind throwing assaults or spewing out venom on the black people, or people from other ethnicities. It is time to see, if these would become regular occurrences, and those who hate such crimes, should think before they vote.

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