Another Twist In Sarvjeet Singh And Jasveen Kaur Case That Will Make You Lose Faith In Judiciary

The infamous Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh case that cornered much limelight after a short stint on social media is again in the news for all the wrong reasons.



It has almost been a year since Delhi girl, Jasleen Kaur whose alleged eve-teasing complaint backfired on her. She accused Sarvjeet Singh of passing vulgar comments on her while she was walking on the road. She filed a case against him and posted her traumatic post on her facebook profile, which was shared by many, and she had reasonably gained many sympathizers after that but further investigation backfired her and revealed that the case is all fake and Sarvjeet was all innocent.


Sarvjeet filed a case against her but the Indian judiciary has no time for hearing a male plea who has been accused false eve-teasing case.


The case is pending in the court and no serious hearing has happened since Sarvjeet filed the case against her.


The case went on for many months and after six months; Sarvjeet got the first date of hearing of the case in March 2016. Nothing great happened during the first hearing and he was given another hearing date which was June 7, 2016. Moreover, When Sarvjeet visited the court for the hearing, he was again given a new date as the judge is on leave right now. What is more surprsing

The date is even more surprising to him and it is on November 21, 2016, almost six months later.


Sarvjeet posted on his FB wall after his recent hearing:



Dates are being given and it is passing on ┬ábut the actual justice is still in pending. Why? Because it’s not a case of eve-teasing anymore filed by a girl? Because it is a case talking about Man’s right against defamation?



Well, nothing can be done in order to trust judicial system except for waiting for the conclusion of next hearing. And it is also believed that Jasleen hasn’t attended any hearing case since the case was filed in court.


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