Feminist Are Launching A Database To Identify And Punish Men For Arguing On The Internet

Socialautopsy.com a website solely based on feminist approach is in attempt to create what it calls a “database where we capture [people] exercising [their free speech] rights and create digital records for them that anyone can access.” Literally translating this, the want to punish men for arguing on the internet with feminists.



All women team is running this tech startup and they wish to change the fact that new media accounts to harass or abuse others without fearing any serious consequences. This start up aims to end the virtual bullying a bit differently by capturing the data.
Candace Owens, founder of this project said that she wanted to bring the Internet back to the “old school ‘say it to my face’ mentality”.


“The answer is simple” she says, “We can achieve this through accountability”. 


“For every cat meme your best friend tweets at you, or for every ‘I miss you comment’ your grandma leaves on your Facebook wall, there are literally thousands of hate speech being circulated online. Because when communication happens through a screen, and when moments are experienced through a lens, a terrifying expression takes place. The age of technology and social media has slowly disintegrated individual accountability. The consequences of which are devastating”


According to her, The working of this website is very simple, people collect and take screenshots of other people’s online activities, link and connect them to their place of work, and attach that person’s personal information (which is technically known as doxxing), so that anyone, anywhere, can search for and access them.


The Social Autopsy Website is yet not functional but will be on grounds soon after all the legal work done. It comes with the feature that will allow anyone to search their database, and submit the profile of literally anyone. It has plans to launch at least 150,000 profiles of those who were arguing on the internet as soon as they enter the market.


A video posted on Page Kickstarter gives more insight about socialautopsy.com and it said that that they have secured a temporary patent for their “technology” and that a large portion of the funding they’ll receive for the project will go for all the legal work that will be required to bring this plan into action.


The founder of this startup, Candace Owens has been selected to give a TEDx talk on June 4th, 2016 about the hazards of this era of technology, and all that we are doing to combat it.


This is not the first time any startup has emerged to combat Cyber bullying. The race is long but it can be conquered. One such research project is Cyber Violence Against Women that is conducted by Japleen Pasricha who is working with Freedom House, an organization based in USA. The research is based on the rising case of cyber violence against women and how it affects them mentally.


A direct link to the questionnaire of the survey is given below, spare your 10 minutes and help in the research program.
















  1. Fuck Women says

    Lol. Cyber violence… You want to see real violence? Try showing up in person to control my internet speech. Women have no idea what violence really means. They need to be shown it by going Sweden and being in a gang rape.

  2. Anon says

    Thing is, these folks don’t identify as feminists, don’t want to be feminists, aren’t claimed as feminists by any feminist cliques and are directly opposed by certain feminist cliques. They are clearly influenced by certain feminist arguments, but it isn’t really correct to call them feminist.

    This is not to say that all the nasty by-products of feminists running such a site won’t occur with these women at the helm, just that it won’t exclusively fall on the shoulders of those opposed to feminism.

  3. Annie says

    Surly thzis kind of system is open to all kinds of abuse, especially from the people it claims to stop.

    Feminist group are already well known for ganging up on people online and provoking a response to get people fired.

    • Karan Khanna says

      Yes. That is true. The will provoke us to speak and then take a screenshot and report us to the police.

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