ASCI Refuses To Ban Advertisement Objectifying Men. Called It ‘Light Humor’.

The Advertising Standards Council Of India refused to ban an advertisement objectifying men. A man was slapped 7-8 times in that advertisement by his wife. Do remember the OLA cab advertisement which was banned for ‘comparing’ a girlfriend with a cab? So comparing a girl to a cab is a very harmful act but domestic violence on men is not.

The statement by ASCI is as below:


The complaint was filed by men’s right activist Deepika Bhardwaj. Her statement was as follows:

In 2013, Amul Body Warmer Ultima came up with an ad where a Husband who is standing with his wife and child is slapped 6-8 times because he says – how is this a warmer if it is so thin? The wife after husband is slapped chuckles in the end and says – Fantastic ise pack kar do!

I wrote to ASCI with an opinion that the ad is bad in taste and abusive. They replied to me – it’s light humor and nothing that would cause widespread offence. So it stayed. The Ad can be seen here –

There are numerous ads where men are mocked, made fun of, stereotyped but the ones who claim they stand for Equality – Feminists – do not get offended over these ads or howl and scream or threaten suicide and call for the ad to be taken down because they enjoy those ads.

Whether someone found OLA Ad Sexist or not is a personal opinion but no one can deny that what was shown in the ad is a truth in many cases. Not all but many. If ones who are not like that ( or pretending ) feel so strongly about that ad then men who are not like what they are stereotyped as should also feel offended and bring down those ads feeling insulted. But they don’t because hey – if we look for sexism and gender offense in everything let’s ban Humor because there would always be a section offended by it.

But chalo let’s refresh our brains – so what are the ads that you think were Sexist and stereotyped men?


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