Defense Secretary freezes ban on transgenders in military

James Mattis

Trump hates transgenders and he shamefully banned their enter in defence services. However, Defense Secretary James Mattis announced that despite the President’s order, transgenders will be allowed to serve in the military for the time being. A study is being conducted and till the result is out, transgenders who were already serving in the defense […]

Trump’s Immigration Order Might Have A Big Impact on Sports & Athletes


There are two things on a role these days in US, one is the WWE SummerSlam 2017 which is on 20th August, and the other is Trump’s immigration on sports.   President Trump’s limitation on visitors from seven pervasively Muslim nations could widy influence widespread diversions, including jeopardizing a warm association between the United States […]

पच्चीस चौका डेड सौ


“पच्चीस चौका डेड सौ ” a Stage Show performed by MUKHOTA from page to stage at Dyal Singh college on 8th march 2017. Its a story by Omprakash Valmiki. This story is about how social danavs are ruining our society thousands of years. Education shows upliftment of human being which is the prime motive of […]

Al Smith Charity Dinner Crowd Shower Boos on Donald Trump


After three categorically nasty presidential debates, Al Smith Charity dinner served as a comedic episode where Trump’s Self- roasting garnered him many boos.     The booing began when he said, “Hillary is so corrupt…” And then it got much worse from there. It’s appealing to say that Donald Trump’s speech at the Al Smith on Thursday […]

Vogue Endorses Hillary Clinton For US Presidential Elections 2016

Vogue magazine has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidential election next month. For a long time, Vogue had stayed away from entering into the political scenario and didn’t endorse any political candidate. However, this election is seemingly different which made them change their long term practice.     The magazine put it simply in […]

Two Women Accusse Donald Trump Of Inappropriate Touching


Donald trump had already grabbed many eyeballs in the presidential debate with his comments on kissing and groping women without their permission. Now, two women accusing him of inappropriate touch is not a big deal considering his personality and past behavior. Yes, During the debate he boasted about kissing women without permission and grabbing their […]

Trump Rented Manhattan Office Space To Iranian Bank Linked To Terrorism


Donald Trump’s real estate company leased their Manhattan office space to an Iranian bank that has severe ties with terrorist groups, which helped in developing Iran’s nuclear program. This move may also have violated American embargoes.     According to a report between 1998 and 2003 the Trump Organization had rented around 8,000 square feet […]

Family Of A Uri Martyr Gangadhar Dolui Who Refused Compensation From WB Govt. Might Need Help For His Last Rites


As mentioned by social activist Deepika Bhardwaj, this family of an Uri martyr Gangadhar Dolui has refused to take any pittance compensation from the West-Bengal government. However, they need money only to perform the last rites of the war hero. As of present, they are short of it and owing to their financial condition they […]