Bernie Sanders appreciates and thanks mom for nursing baby in the rally

Mom goes viral after breastfeeding her child during the Bernie Sander Rally. Elle Bradford, from Barberton, Ohio was at the rally with her 6 months old daughter, Harper. While they were seated in the second row, the mother understood Harper’s hunger cues and started nursing her. The breastfeeding mother was only a few distance away from the presidential candidate.

“A hungry baby is a hungry baby”, said Elle Bradford to WEWS TV. On her Facebook page, Bradford said, Bernie and Jane O’Meara Sanders appreciated and thanked her for doing the role of a mother. They added, that playing the part perfectly even if it meant nursing in public is worth the appreciation and thanks. Photographers had shot Elle Bradford nursing her baby in the rally which later went viral online. Bradford says, “I’ve gotten a lot of hate mail and a lot more love mail.” She agrees there were lots of responses online, and they had mixed views.

On her Facebook profile, she also shared a new idea for campaign for Sanders. Her status says, it does not dissuade her for her boobs going viral, as it was Bernie Sanders. She wrote, “that being said, #boobsforBernie should be a thing. Fellow breastfeeders, I’m looking at you.” Another earlier status says, “So I was sent photos of me breastfeeding Harper at Bernie Sanders’ rally…. Making the most unattractive face ever.”

The mom really had gone viral for doing her duty.

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