Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Caucus After All

As a proud moment for Bernie fans, he finally won the Nevada caucus at the convention stage. His close loss to Hillary Clinton upset many. However, this something to cheer about.


The Final Delegate Count is as follows:

Bernie Sanders: 2,964

Hillary Clinton: 2,386

Uncommitted: 7

Total: 5,357

Megan Messerly confirmed this on Twitter.

This interesting part is that Bernie lost it earlier by 5-6% and won this time by 11-12%.


Usuncut reported:

“The other most populous county, Washoe County, ended with 1050 delegates for Sanders and 833 for Clinton. It is unclear at this time exactly how many more delegates Bernie Sanders has picked up, as the final results will not be decided until the state convention in May.

The Clark County Democratic Convention was full of controversy from the beginning. But to give the full context of the controversy, it’s important to understand how the convention process works”.

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