Bernie Takes Michigan And Receives Standing Ovation In Miami

In a historic turn of events, Bernie Sanders pulled off an amazing victory at the Michigan primaries on Tuesday. Despite the fact that he was underestimated and slighted by the pundits and political analysts, he managed to win Michigan – a state that was meant for Hillary Clinton. Nate Silver gave Bernie Sanders a one percent chance of winning the Michigan primaries. Most of the polls showed him trailing by 30 points.


But despite all the odds stacked against him, Bernie Sanders emerged victorious in a state that was traditionally carved for Clinton. This victory means that his campaign is alive and running, and the road to the┬ánomination would be smoother from now. Nate Silver called this victory, “the greatest upset vs final polling average.”

Sanders’ campaign has been criticised for not focusing enough on the Black community. The victory in Michigan has dispelled this as we see Sanders finally gaining popularity amongst Blacks and Hispanics. In fact, one of the major reasons for Sanders’ victory was the large numbers in which the American Muslims residing in Michigan voted for him.

Now Sanders’ and Clinton are off to the March 15 states, and recently they had another debate at Miami, where Sanders’ received a standing applause from the audience when he ended his speech with his favourite topic – income inequality.

Sanders’ revolution is here to stay, and it won’t be a surprise if it makes it to California.

Featured image by Phil Roeder via Flickr under CC by 2.0.

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