Boy Gets Dumped By Girlfriend For Following MRA Woman Deepika Bhardwaj’s Profile


It might have been really painful for this boy when he was dumped by his girlfriend for following and commenting on MRA woman Deepika Bhardwaj’s timeline. As stated by Deepika herself in her Facebook post,

Have been feeling a bit strange since last night. A boy has messaged me on how his girlfriend broke up with him just because he used to follow my posts and on discussions over Gender issues – expressed that men face problems too. She said the number is miniscule and hence doesn’t matter.

I don’t know what to make out of this but I am definitely feeling bad so here’s a plea : Whatever I am talking about and share isn’t fiction but reality. A reality we don’t wish to discuss or talk about and have never done so. Evident from yesterday’s response of people to Adhyayan sharing his pain – disbelieved, ridiculed and rather humiliated for talking about it. In my heart I know what I am doing is right and certainly discomforting to many because I am challenging preconceived notions of many and it is bound to face resistance. It’s fine with me. But please – I don’t want to become a reason for anyone’s breakup! If your friend/sister/GF/wife is unhappy about you following my views articles , kindly unfollow. And please don’t feel sad that you can not express yourself in the relationship or something. It’s okay. We have to do a lot of things to make relationships work and this would be a very small effort in that direction. Ideally bonds of a relationship shouldn’t be so fragile that they break on basis of a certain thought or opinion or expression but then if it is – accept it and adjust to it. I am just the last person who would want two people to part ways because of me. Even if this is one case in a thoudand thousand people who follow me, if you are in the same soup at all – unfollow button is what you gotta use.

While I say this I am just wondering how many guys would have broken up with their girlfriends for following a certain person who they did not like….. Sighhhhhhhh!!!!

PS: I and also my work is like an open book. I have nothing to hide and this is also a chapter of the same book which I have no hesitation about in sharing.


  1. Indraneel Bose says

    – – – Smwhere i feel – this is a cycle within itsef – what goes up shall come down but go up again
    this woman empowerment and all hullabaloo is yet another example – i think men need to sit back few years more and watch – its sure we wud have few years of heartburns but then pls understand that the patriarchy is well given to us by them for their own advantage bhe ut be sure this wont go away anywhere and there isnt any resolution to this –

    While on one side Indian Hindu Sanatan Dharma thumps on KUTUMB philosophy – another point is
    are we trying to contain the materism with in us – kids and our beloved wives ?
    Once this ratio is controlled with in the mans capacity to fend for the household – greater part of this problem might get resolved

    Its our scriptures (infact in all religious scriptures) there is a special place for womenfolk and children
    The issue is – we had let that go and didnt follow it and let ourselves be consumped by materialism and see what we gotten and shall more with time

    Hare Krsna

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