Bristol Palin happy to see students forcing Christianity into atheists

Evangelical Pastors are seen leading students in prayer in Hollister, Missouri. A video that featured the scene was captured in February, during the lunchtime in the school cafeteria. This is the only Christian group that preaches to students and also interacts with them on public ground that is believed to not be bound to religious rules. This religious group, KLIFE has been going around schools now for a few years evangelizing students. Robert Bruce, the senior pastor of KLIFE had visited the school lunchroom, and took part in the prayers. The prayers were not silent, and the same could be heard throughout the cafeteria, which means, even the students who do not stick to Christianity had to hear the prayers. In fact, Bruce and his group of people had been urging students to pray, regardless of their desire, as if it is a prerequisite to eat.

Thankfully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation intervened to advise the school to stop letting a single religious group accessing the school cafeteria, and reminded them of the law that allows secularity. “It is well settled as a matter of established law that public schools may not advance, prefer or promote religion”, said FFRF. It also mentioned that it is not lawful for the public school to let an evangelical Christian organization impose prayer on students, even who are atheists. The Supreme Court has allowed students to pray silently, promoting a single religion has been ruled out.

It has been very clear that KLIFE has been treating students like fishes in barrel and brainwashing them to follow evangelical Christianity. Bristol Palin, wrote in her blog about how FREF have been confusing people between Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion. She wants students to stand against the evil atheists, and force Christianity into them regardless of their preference.

While the Supreme Court says, public schools cannot promote a single religion and urge students to follow it, and should not lead to entanglement of government and religion, what this school in Missouri has been doing is against the First Amendment Rights of Students. A tax financed school, promoting a single religion means entangling government and religion. This has triggered attention from local and national media, and the school may face lawsuits.

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