Canadian Prime Minister to build wall on US border if Trump gets elected, and would ask him to pay for it

Australia’s best known comic and the host of the UK talk Show The Last Leg, Adam Hills, implored his viewers to pledge a brick to America. He started of saying “If I was Canada, I’d be worried”. Canada faces invasion of refugees from America. As per Hills,  American refugees are tougher to look after compared with refugees from other nations, as they do not speak basic English, carry weapons, and do not blend with the culture of the country they visit, instead want everything to happen as in their motherland. So, Hills suggested that Canada would better build a wall, and everyone should pledge a brick to this wall to ensure that Americans do not cross the borders. Hills also added, “And to do it, we’ve set up a website.”

This is not a mere joke, and something relevant to what Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada had recently said in Washington, during his official visit. Trudeau on his interview with CBS that lasted for an hour said, if Trump becomes President of America, and makes a  wall, as he had claimed, even though Trudeau thinks that it is not a sensible move, he firmly believes every nation in the world has the same right. This does not spare Canada to build a wall across the borders. He added that as the plan is from the future President of America, the cost must be borne by America. Also, he mentioned, as America is keen on crossing border, and busy in setting up democracies without anybody speaking against it, it would be America’s responsibility to pay for the wall.

The punch line of Trudeau included that, Canada would differ in something, by naming the wall as “wall of compassion.” He also added, anybody who wished to get back to America would be allowed to do so for Canadians know what it means by the urge to visit the homeland. Especially, those who support Trump are encouraged to go back, as they do not need such people in Canada. He concluded, “other than that feel free to refer to Mr. Trump for any other questions you might have, since he’s the kind of writing the book on this one.”

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