Jealous Neighbour Makes A Bomb-Hoax Call, To Stop The Boy From Studying Abroad Because Her Daughter Was Rejected

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This could be one of the most bizarre news pieces you have read today. It’s true that jealousy can actually take you to any darn level but what this covetous lady did to show her enmity is incredible.   A woman based in Jaipur called airport authorities reporting that her neighbor’s son, who was travelling […]

Mother Kills Daughter For Having An Affair

  A mother allegedly killed her 17-year-old daughter to death by smothering her with a pillow at their residence at Vambay Colony in Vijayawada city of Andhra Pradesh  on Tuesday night.   Mother in her 40’s, Bibi Jaan was furious that her daughter Sheik Nazma had been in a relationship with their neighbour , Deepak. She […]

Another Twist In Sarvjeet Singh And Jasveen Kaur Case That Will Make You Lose Faith In Judiciary


The infamous Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh case that cornered much limelight after a short stint on social media is again in the news for all the wrong reasons.   It has almost been a year since Delhi girl, Jasleen Kaur whose alleged eve-teasing complaint backfired on her. She accused Sarvjeet Singh of passing vulgar […]

Three Women Held for Kidnapping A 62-Year-Old Man


3 women in a bid of extorting money, kidnapped a 62-year-old retired tehsildar and demanded a ransom of Rs 2.5 lakh from his family members in Sriganganagar city of Rajasthan.   The women threatened the family that if the ransom  amount was not paid, they would falsely implicate the 62-year-old man in a rape case. […]

Mother Jailed For Seven Years For Poisoning Her Baby’s Milk with Tramadol


A Mother of eight showed no signs of compassion towards her infant daughter who she reportedly gave Milk laden with Tramadol drug. She has been proven guilty by the court and sentenced to seven-year-jail.   31-year-old Rose Jones gave her one-year-old high doses of a powerful painkiller expressed in her breast milk. She also tried […]

Mother Drowned Her 7-Year-Old Daughter In Front Of Her Son ‘as punishment’

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A 27-year-old mother was convicted for deliberately drowning her daughter in a swimming pool in front of her son as a punishment. Amanda made all efforts to make it look like a tragic accident and for a long time, people assumed seven-year-old Adrianna Hutto had died falling into a pool at the family home in […]

Girlfriend Kills Her Boyfriend For Posting His #Womancrushwednesday On Instagram


Social media has been synonym to break ups  but one girl went a step ahead  and  killed her boyfriend over it. The hard truth about social media makes us re-think the value of real life over virtual image. Deron Jacobs, 26-year-old man was killed by his girlfriend after he allegedly posted his “Woman Crush Wednesday” which […]

5-Year-Old boy Succumb To Injuries After His Mother Had Beaten Him For 24 Hours


A 26-year-old mother along with her friend has been charged with murder after one of the two boys they had beaten for 22 hours continuously at a motel in Ohio succumb to his injuries in the hospital during treatment. According to The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports police said that the 5-year-old was bound for 22 hours […]