Woman Drunk Driver Tries To Flirt And Bribe Her Way Out Of Trouble With Police Following A Crash


An 18-year-old Mexican teenager was arrested for drunk driving has become infamous on social media after allegedly trying to bribe officers by flashing 100 peso note to them. A news channel in Mexico shows the footage of her trying to get away with the police as she was stopped after crashing into a parking area. […]

15-Year-Old Teenager Burnt After Being Beaten To Death By His Ex-Girlfriend


In one heart-wrenching incident that had shocked America five years back is doing rounds on Internet all over again after the culprit became the youngest one to get a death sentence in Florida jail. A group of young lads headed by a vengeance filled girlfriend Amber wright laid down a trap to teach her boyfriend […]

Teenage Using Snapchat Speed Filter While Driving Sued, After Crash Left Victim Brain Damage


  An 18-year-old teenager has been sued after allegedly using snapchat speed filter while driving before a tragic crash happened that left the other motorist with serious brain damage.   Christal McGee wanted to see how fast she could drive and share the speed on Snapchat. When the image is sent out to followers with […]

Mother Accidentally Shot Dead By Two-Year-Old Son While Driving Car


In an unfortunate incident, a 26-year-old woman died on Tuesday morning after being accidentally shot by her 2-year-old son who found a gun in the backseat of the car she was driving and fired it.   A single bullet went into 26-year-old woman’s back, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said. The woman stopped the vehicle […]

Can We Live Based On Domestic Violence 2005 Law? A Cute But Naughty Husband-Wife Conversation Will Explain

Happy Couple Sitting On Couch

Wife : How is the food today? Husband : Good. Thanks. Wife : (after tasting the food) but there is no salt! Perhaps I forgot. Why didn’t you point it out? Husband : If I point out such things it may be considered as “humiliation” under DV act Section 5 (Chapter 5) – 3(a). Wife […]

Teenage sisters accused of kidnapping toddler with intent to commit sexual offence


Two Sisters aged 13 and 14 have appeared in the court on the charges of abducting a toddler from Primark store in Newcastle’s busy Northumberland Street. They kidnaped the toddler in an urge to commit sexual crime. They have also been charged of shoplifting dummies, baby milk and a bottle. The toddler aged 2 was unknown […]

Michigan Tire Shop Owner Gets Negative Review From White Customer, Makes Racist Remarks With Bizarre Rant


  A tire shop owner in Ann Arbor, Michigan avers that he does not attend Black people because they are ghetto, primates and can not afford to get things fixed, in a reply to a bad Yelp review.   It all started with when a white customer named Madison Callanan left a negative Yelp review […]