15-Year-Old Teenager Burnt After Being Beaten To Death By His Ex-Girlfriend


In one heart-wrenching incident that had shocked America five years back is doing rounds on Internet all over again after the culprit became the youngest one to get a death sentence in Florida jail. A group of young lads headed by a vengeance filled girlfriend Amber wright laid down a trap to teach her boyfriend […]

An Open Reply To Feminists Who Asked Why MRA’s Don’t Help Gay Men, trans men, Male Rape Victims, Etc.


        Good question. Same answer as for “Where are modern liberal feminist women fighting for the mother-in-laws who have been jailed, sister-in-laws who have been jailed for 498a Wives, mothers, sisters daughters of men falsely accused of sexual crimes who lost their livelihood? Why are you not concerned about those women? Why […]

Can We Live Based On Domestic Violence 2005 Law? A Cute But Naughty Husband-Wife Conversation Will Explain

Happy Couple Sitting On Couch

Wife : How is the food today? Husband : Good. Thanks. Wife : (after tasting the food) but there is no salt! Perhaps I forgot. Why didn’t you point it out? Husband : If I point out such things it may be considered as “humiliation” under DV act Section 5 (Chapter 5) – 3(a). Wife […]

A 16-Year-Old Girl Died After Being Attacked Two Students In School Bathroom

Screenshot from the video footage

Amy Joyner-Francis a 16-year-old teen succumb to injuries after being assaulted by other female students at the Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington.   The exact reason of the assault hasn’t come out as yet but many said the altercation was over a boy. It all happened before their first class around 8:15 a.m. […]

Feminists Curse Woman’s ‘Infant Niece’ And Parents For Disagreeing With Them On Twitter


This is in respect to a statement by ‘woman’ Men’s Right Activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Facebook where she describes being abused by feminists on Twitter. Her description of the incident is as follows: “Price you pay for being an anti – radical Feminist : You get these gems from a Woman Loving Feminist whose […]

Feminist Are Launching A Database To Identify And Punish Men For Arguing On The Internet


Socialautopsy.com a website solely based on feminist approach is in attempt to create what it calls a “database where we capture [people] exercising [their free speech] rights and create digital records for them that anyone can access.” Literally translating this, the want to punish men for arguing on the internet with feminists.   All women […]