E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In A Man’s Pocket Leaving Him With Severe Burns

E- cigarette burning inside the trouser

‘Smoking kills’, we have all grown up listening to it but seemingly keeping a cigarette in pocket is as destructive as smoking. A bizarre incident occurred in the Owensboro, Kentucky where an electronic cigarette battery exploded inside a man’s pocket, which gave him second degree burns in his right thigh. The surveillance camera inside the […]

Bar Loved By Many African Americans Closes In St. Louis – Is It Because Of Bigotry?


A neighborhood that loves partying and doesn’t object the noise should be great for Trops. But this is not the real scenario with Trops. When Tropical Liqueurs found Soulard neighborhood, St. Louis, the entire crew was jumping in joy, to find such a treasure. Trops specializes in frozen drinks, and is very successful when it […]

Planned International Meet-Up Of Misogynists Draws Heavy Online Criticism & Gets Cancelled


Under the garb of men’s rights activism, Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh, founder of the website –Return of Kings- announced that he would cancel his ‘international tribal meet up’ fearing the safety and threat to privacy of the men who wish to attend. However he said, “I can’t stop men who want to continue meeting in […]