Ted Cruz’s College Roommate Outs Him On Body Odor, Laziness, Creeping On Women

Cruz in his high school yearbook; he was president of the drama club.

  We all have some bizarre college secrets that we would never want revealed later in our lives. But if you are running for president of the United States, you probably shouldn’t take any chance with that and shell some money out to keep gossipmongers shut. Ted Cruz’s former college roommate has revealed some memories […]

Alabama Republican GOP Governor Caught Speaking Intimately With His Aide


While Republican ministers and politicians often quote their family values and Christian faith to allure voters, there are also instances of sex scandals and extra marital affairs. Robert Bentley, the governor of Alabama, who is serving his second term, agreed that he made inappropriate statements with his assistant Rebekah Mason. But, he also denied that […]

Fox Guest Thinks Republicans Shouldn’t ‘Bother’ With Blacks Because They Are Democratic Slaves


When I first heard about this, I didn’t think it could really be true. Who would actually say this? The founder of the Conservative Black Chick blog, Crystal Wright, was a guest on Fox & Friends Monday and basically compared African American voters to slaves of the Democratic Party. “I think it’s so sad when […]