13 Jadavpur University Students Allege Sexual Harassment By Professor’s Son


In one of the most distressing cases of sexual harassment, 13 students of Jadavpur University have alleged that the son of a professor at the department of English sexually harassed them online and molested a few of them in person. All the women have accused Ekalavya Chaudhuri, son of Chandrayee Niyogi, of harassing them online […]

Woman Arestted by Police For Blackmailing A Man On False Rape Charge


A woman has been arrested by police for falsely implicating rape charge against an ashram owner in a bid to extort money from him. She along with one of her associate had been threatening and blackmailing the 62-year-old man who hails from Ashram in Mota Varacha area of the city. According to the police officer, […]

New York Woman Whose Testimony At Age 9 Jailed Father For rape Now Says She Lied All Years


16 years ago, a New York man was jailed for raping his 9-year-old daughter but the victim has now publicly come forward confessing that she lied all the years and falsely accused his dad.   24-year-old Chaneya Kelly now says the stories she told about her father were all fake but all the stories and […]

Men’s Helpline Get 100 calls Daily Who Are Tortured And Harassed By Women


A year ago, Men’s helpline number 8882-498-498, was launched for men in distress, which is run by 40 NGOs across states. According to the reports, the helpline number has received around 37,000 calls by men in distress.     Delhi has been termed as a rape capital where the woman isn’t considered but at times, […]

Woman Dumps Boyfriend After She discovered That His Family Wasn’t Well Off.


A 27-year-old woman from Shanghai, China dumped her boyfriend after she went to his family home, and learned that they weren’t well off enough and didn’t match her standard of living.   The woman took to her social media account to justify her actions and why she left her boyfriend of one year. While the good-looking, […]