Feminists Curse Woman’s ‘Infant Niece’ And Parents For Disagreeing With Them On Twitter


This is in respect to a statement by ‘woman’ Men’s Right Activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Facebook where she describes being abused by feminists on Twitter. Her description of the incident is as follows: “Price you pay for being an anti – radical Feminist : You get these gems from a Woman Loving Feminist whose […]

Bangladeshi Woman Who Gouged Lover’s Heart Out Given Death Sentence


  A young woman in her 20’s couldn’t bear the pressure of being betrayed by her lover, took an extreme and barbaric step that has made her the first woman to be hanged to death in Bangladesh.   Fatema Akter Sonali a 21-year-old woman has been found guilty of murdering her lover and extracting his […]

Bride Calls Off Wedding After Being Forced To Dance To An Item Song

The Knot of a Marriage,
A Hindu Marriage Tradition

Emancipating much? A girl threw the varmala (garlands) away and refused to marry the groom on being asked to dance on an item song. A great fête turned into a nightmare in a matter of hours. The incident took place in Firozabad district of Agra in a banquet hall.   According to the reports, the […]

Fake Abortion Clinics Receive $2 Billion In Georgia – Pregnant Women Can Be Deceived?


Georgia is to give away 2 million dollars. No, this is not another welfare investment for the people, and many call it a waste of millions of dollars. The money goes to the Crisis Pregnancy centers. They are the fake medical offices, where the doctors and nurses are not real professionals, but religious fanatics. Christianity […]