Cheating Wife Hires a Hitman to Murder her Husband And Make it Look Like ‘ISIS execution’

A woman in the United Kingdom had hired an assassin to kill her husband and make it appear like an ISIS execution to distract the investigators and police. She wanted the Hitman to slit his throat and kill him.




28-year-old Nurten Taycur had been cheating on her husband Ercan Akan who works as a driver for Uber. She wanted to get rid of him. She had saved £5,000 and was willing to pay the amount to get her husband stabbed to death. She wanted the hitman to spray “Isis” on his car to make the death look execution by Isis she wanted to murder her husband so that she could easily live with her boyfriend of two years.


Her efforts failed as the person she thought to be a hit man was an undercover police agent.

She was arrested after handing over a £1,000 “down payment” to a the man she reportedly thought was a hitman, whom she had first met near Victoria Park in Hackney, east London on 13 November 2015.


I don’t understand why Nurten wanted me to be killed – if she wanted to separate she could have done it in the normal way.” told Ercan Akan to the police.


Nurten was 16 when she married Ercan and the couple lived in a house in Hackney. Nurten belongs from a Kurdish village in Turkey.



According to cops, Nurten had first suggested that the hitman stab her husband to death while he was on duty for Uber at night and make it look like a robbery. But later she changed her mind and told him to make his death look like an execution carried out by the Islamic State and spray ‘ISIS’ on the car.


The court told the Nurten that “This is a very grave offence indeed. You must prepare yourself for a substantial prison sentence,”


The court is set to sentence Nurten on 13 May this year after hearing all the arguments of the case.


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