Ted Cruz’s College Roommate Outs Him On Body Odor, Laziness, Creeping On Women

Cruz in his high school yearbook; he was president of the drama club.

Cruz in his high school yearbook; he was president of the drama club.


We all have some bizarre college secrets that we would never want revealed later in our lives. But if you are running for president of the United States, you probably shouldn’t take any chance with that and shell some money out to keep gossipmongers shut.

Ted Cruz’s former college roommate has revealed some memories about the presidential candidate.

Craig Mazin, screenwriter, attended Princeton and was roommates with Teddy. At their first meeting, Mazin noted Cruz was carrying a book titled Was Karl Marx a Satanist?

In 2012, he tweeted something very witty about him. In his tweet, he said

“My freshman year college roommate Ted Cruz is going to be elected Senator. In case I hadn’t made it clear, he’s also a huge asshole.”

It didn’t stop there. Another tweet in act of bantering against Cruz stated:

“Oh great. Ted Cruz is filibustering. Now the entire nation can experience my noxious freshman year dorm room experience.#havefuneveryone”

It looks like that he was much displeased with him during the college days.

Some other adjectives were used by Ted’s fellow mates to describe him and his lifestyle. Some of them were abrasive, crank, raucous, intense, and big-headed. And above all, a few other former classmates and acquaintances called him creepy and uncanny, especially around the opposite sex.

They also jeered at Ted’s bad taste in clothing. He would wear a paisley bathrobe with nothing underneath while stalking the girls’ end of the college dorm.

Another tweet by Mazin revealed that Ted was a lazy lad. In October 2013, he tweeted:

“When Ted Cruz was my roommate, he’d endlessly hit the snooze button. I asked him to stop. He wouldn’t. So I Krazy-glued it. #learnfromthis”

According to Mazin, he had some serious hygiene issues. When Twitter user Timothy Visentin asked Mazin to live with Ted again for the purposes of a sitcom, he refused and blamed his odors issues during college days.

It’s completely fine. We all make some stupid, crazy mistakes and have weird habits, and yes, it’s Ted Cruz. What better can we expect from him?

Hopefully, Ted is not counting on Mazin vote at all.

h/t: American News X.

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