Dad Killed His Son For Being Gay, Charged With Hate Crime


69-year-old Shehada Khalil Issa has been charged with premeditated murder as a hate crime after he shot dead his own son to death with a shotgun outside their family home at North Hills,  Los Angeles. And apparently his son’s crime was that he was gay, which actually is not a crime in itself.


The victim, Amir Issa, 29, was found dead with a gunshot wound outside his home. Reportedly it turns out to be a planned murder as his father has previously threatened to kill him due to his sexual orientation.


Amir Issa’s mother, Rabihah Issa, dead body was also found inside the house. Investigators found her covered with blood in the bathroom of the house and noted that she emerged to have been dead “for a while.” Reason of her murder is still unclear and investigations are still going on.


Reportedly on 19th march, a heart-wrenching Facebook post by Amir Issa proved that he was disturbed due to his family’s hatred towards him owing to his sexual preference. In his post, he mentioned that he was verbally abused and reprimanded several times at home that made him feeble.


In his facebook post Issa wrote about his family’s non-acceptance to him and how they tortured him for being a gay and didn’t give him right to live his life the way he wished to. He wrote about the mental distress he went through and many other superstitious treatments, which allegedly could turn him into straight


Furthermore Issa wrote, If there is a devil or evil spirit, I truly believe it manifests itself in my family,”


“They have literally robbed my bank account, lied to courts and doctor to try and label me as mentally ill and failed in their attempts to have me falsely imprisoned and evicted”


Authorities told that Shaheda Issa made implicating statements about his son’s killing. He said he killed his son in self-defence, but he had no answer to his wife’s death.

He said that his son had a knife with him and to protect himself he fired the gun but detectives said there was no knife to be found at the crime scene.


Shehada Khalil Issa, is currently being held on charges of hate crime without bail.








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