Daughter Charged In Death Of Elderly Mother Over Property Dispute

A 51-year-old Calgarian Lisa Freihaut has been charged with the second-degree murder of her 78-year-old mother by Lethbridge. It was a couple of weeks ago she pleaded for public assistance in her finding the slayer of her mother.


Irene Carter was found stabbed to death in her home in on 17th January at her home in Lethbridge, Alta..


Freihaut cried all the way into camera lenses two weeks ago and make public appearance calling the death a tragic event for her. She said she needed to see the case closed and solved so she and her family could start to heal.

“No family deserves to have to go through this,” she said, while her husband Dean held her close. ‘My mom loved her family and friends, especially her grandchildren — they were her pride and joy.

“This is the first time I don’t get to send my mom flowers or give her a card on Mother’s Day, see her beautiful garden and be with her for family gatherings”

“Mom, we love you and we miss you — we think of you every day”


Allegedly, She killed her mother several days before she made a public plea. The Lethbridge police investigated the matter and on further exploration it was believed that she was involved in a dispute with her mother over finances and a physical altercation ensued.

Staff sergeant Scott Woods said that she was already under suspicion but we were waiting for the event to unfold stepwise.

“She became a person of interest and then she ultimately stepped into the category of being a suspect (but) at that point in time we were still looking for some additional information or evidence,” he said at a conference.


It is not clear that her husband was involved with her or not but apparently it looks like a property dispute matter between mother and daughter.


Freihaut was charged on Friday in Calgary Police Service. She remains in police remand in Calgary, and will appear in court in Lethbridge Monday.







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