Donald Trump Adds $10 Million To His Campaign For Advertising

According to Dow Jones, Donald Trump made a $10 million wire transfer to his campaign on Friday morning.




The Latest FEC Filings shows that the Republican presidential candidate only donated $31,000 to his campaign during the first 19 days of October. The cash according to Trump’s campaigner will be used for the new advertising campaign in battleground states.


Trump says he’s worth about $10 billion, even though independent appraisers have not been able to certify that claim. He has as per now given about $66 million of his own money to his campaign – most of which was used during the initial race of the presidential campaign.

The same Federal Election Commission report showed that Trump’s campaign only had about $16 million left in the bank as of last week. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had about $62 million in the bank as of last week.


Donald Trump during an interview earlier this week told the CNN reporter that he’ll have “more than $100 million in the campaign until the end.” His latest donation to his campaign still falls short by $34 million to his $100 million targets which he has frequently said he will give to his campaign—a pledge he restated on Wednesday in a rally.



Apart from Mr. Trump’s personal money, the campaign is also receiving a good amount of contributions from small donors, according to one adviser. Since the second presidential debate, online fundraising has grown significantly, hitting $4.6 million Thursday alone, he said.



His latest ads attacking Clinton  is certainly buying him voters which is why he is putting up so much money in TV ads for different states. The Ads will air in the key states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


For the final two weeks of the campaign, Mrs. Clinton had about $48 million of TV advertising booked, while Mr. Trump’s campaign has reserved $36 million, according to a media buyer.





“And I am prepared to go much more than that,” he said.


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