eBay Adopts Google’s AMP Technology To Speed Up Its Mobile Shopping Experience

E-commerce giant eBay has announced that it has started using the Google-led open source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology for displaying web pages on end users’ mobile devices more quickly and efficiently. Overall, around 8 million AMP pages are now live at present. The company said it has begun to leverage Google’s open-source AMP framework to enhance browsing experiences on mobile devices.



The new product powered by AMP looks cleaner and efficient than non-AMP pages. And most importantly, they show up faster much faster. eBay will be bringing the new style to its desktop version as well as and its native apps, eBay principal web engineer Senthil Padmanabhan wrote in a blog post.




“We have been thinking about leveraging the AMP ecosystem for our own search, similar to how Google handles AMP results,” “This plan is in very early stages of discussion, but the possibility of our search using AMP technology is very interesting. Padmanabhan wrote.



Brief about AMP rich framework:


It will help in enabling rich content like video, animations, and graphics to load promptly and simultaneously. eBay has now become one of the first retailers to embrace the technology apart from some publishers like New York Times, the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal which has already implemented AMP for some of the selected articles which are content heavy.


  • eBay has also announced that it will attain Israeli predictive analytics startup SalesPredict to heighten its machine-learning capabilities. The exact terms of the deal were not disclosed by eBay.




It is truly believed that eBay in all aspects trying to outshine Amazon extraordinary search capabilities and expanding fulfillment capacity. At present, the focus is not on the impact revenues but to compete with Amazon’s turf.


“We have seen numerous times in the past that speed plays a critical role in e-commerce,” Padmanabhan said. “Faster pages lead to delighted users. How this will manifest into sales is something we need to wait and see.”



The whole idea of eBay’s AMP version product is to anticipate customer buying behavior and sales conversion that will help them to grow and understand Customers in a better sense.



“SalesPredict’s deep expertise in predictive analytics and machine learning will contribute to eBay’s structured data efforts,” Amit Menipaz, eBay’s vice president and general manager of structured data, said in a press release. “For our buyers, it will help us better understand the price differentiating attributes of our products, and, for our sellers, it will help us build out the predictive models that can define the probability of selling a given product, at a given price over time.”



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