Fake Abortion Clinics Receive $2 Billion In Georgia – Pregnant Women Can Be Deceived?

Georgia is to give away 2 million dollars. No, this is not another welfare investment for the people, and many call it a waste of millions of dollars. The money goes to the Crisis Pregnancy centers. They are the fake medical offices, where the doctors and nurses are not real professionals, but religious fanatics. Christianity is against abortion, and this is what the religious fundamentalists work for. Women, who approach these centers for abortion are frightened and mislead about abortion.

These crisis centers are nicknamed fake abortion clinics, by some advocates. While this is the scenario, the Georgian lawmakers have approved the state funding of $2 million dollars for these fake abortion clinics. Now, it becomes evident that the health care options post abortion will not be discussed when this deal is signed off. These unlicensed centers are now being benefited, while it is certain that many anxious women would be deceived.

The religious sensibilities are hurt, and this is why the Republicans, had been telling people that medical procedures cannot be discussed 100% frankly and openly, and this cannot be considered constitutional and legal. What is making people more anxious is that these Crisis Pregnancy Centers are not licensed and regulated. This means, they can give any damn thing to the women, who approach them for abortion. A baby in the third trimester can be posed as the 8 weeks baby, which is actually in the size of a lentil. This would wound the women emotionally and force them to keep the child.

But this did not go unnoticed, and the Planned Parenthood Southeast, CEO Staci Fox said, that 2 million dollars is to going to organization which don’t even own a license. “If this really about providing access to women, shouldn’t be concerned about who it is that is giving that access?”, added Fox.

While the Republicans call themselves to be ‘Pro-Life’, still do not mind putting the lives of women in jeopardy just to abide by the religious beliefs.

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