Family Of A Uri Martyr Gangadhar Dolui Who Refused Compensation From WB Govt. Might Need Help For His Last Rites


As mentioned by social activist Deepika Bhardwaj, this family of an Uri martyr Gangadhar Dolui has refused to take any pittance compensation from the West-Bengal government. However, they need money only to perform the last rites of the war hero. As of present, they are short of it and owing to their financial condition they would need to borrow some.

Since many were willing to volunteer for the same,  Deepika asked the family if she could help with collecting contributions.

Anyone interested could check her statement below and comment of the concerned link :

“Hi All.
This is family of UriAttack Martyr Gangadhar Dolui – his father, mother and younger brother Barun. I had shared an article earlier on how his Ganga’s father refused pittance compensation from West Bengal government and preferred to instead borrow money for his last rites. Few of you expressed interest in helping the family. I reached out to them through one of their acquaintances online. I wanted to take their consent before people sent them some funds. They’re fine with this help and have provided details on how we can send them money. If you wish to help the Martyrs Family, please say interested in the comment or send me a message with your email id. I shall wait until Sunday for a response on this. Please note that I shall not be taking any funds in my account but only be sending the families details to you.
Thanks in advance.”
– Deepika Bhardwaj
The link for the same is here.


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