Father Impregnated Daughter, Panchayat Thrashed Her For Not Resisting Sexual Assault

There is just no end to panchayat’s unjust and atrocious rulings meted out as punishment in the villages. A video clip released by India today is doing rounds on the social media which showed a 13-year-old girl being thrashed hard by panchayat members allegedly for being a rape victim.


The teenaged girl was raped by her father continuously for four months and later was found pregnant by local villagers. The girl’s ordeal started when her mother died some months back. This incident took place in the Pachwad village of Satara district in Maharashtra.

She along with her father were leashed like a dog by a rope and caned 10 and 12 times respectively. The girl who belonged to the gopal community, a nomadic tribe, was beaten gruesomely for not disputing her fathers’ sexual abuse, reports India Today.


India Today urged authorities to take action. Shaina NC, a BJP spokesperson said, “I can assure you we will bring the case to its logical conclusion – counselling, help will be provided to girl. It takes one shocking incident like this to shake up society at large. This has happened in a state which we believe progressive, we need to give a befitting reply. CM assured that the will panchayat will face punishment.”


Local police have registered a case against the perpetrators and matter is being investigated closely.


Panchayats rear its ugly head again with this ridicule ruling but this is not the first time it has hogged limelight for something as horrendous as this.


Recently, a cruel ruling of a Khap Panchayat in baghpat district in Uttar Pradesh shocked many. The all male Panchayat ruled that two sisters were to be raped and paraded naked due to their brother’s alleged crime. Their brother had eloped with a married woman of higher caste.


The caste panchayat in different districts needs to be regulated to preserve the rights of villagers.

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