Feminists Curse Woman’s ‘Infant Niece’ And Parents For Disagreeing With Them On Twitter

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

This is in respect to a statement by ‘woman’ Men’s Right Activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Facebook where she describes being abused by feminists on Twitter. Her description of the incident is as follows:

“Price you pay for being an anti – radical Feminist :
You get these gems from a Woman Loving Feminist whose job is to educate people on Twitter about “Patriarchy”…..

Gungun my niece gets dragged into a Twitter abuse tirade. My “Patriarchal” parents are cursed. I am accused of having been brought up in a culture of deep rooted Misogyny. My supporters are called as “Patriarchal Men” whose ass I kiss because of which they call me a celebrity. I love men who oppress women and I support those “morons” in her words because I need to score brownie points from them. I am a product of Patriarchal Oppression and I should make sure Gungun doesn’t turn into me (sic!) . That I and my family should be abused because I bullshit about Feminism and “use” my Gender to spread my views. Finally – I am the Tarek Fateh of Indian Women and Mata of all MRAs.

And all of this because this Messiah of Womanhood got offended over me asking Priyanka Chopra on what’s her advice for men whose women cheat on them since she said she would beat the crap out of her man if he cheated on her ……

And while this fembot continued…other usual suspects (fembots ofcourse) who hate me but still follow everything I say or anyone says about me (nasty of course) kept on RTing her tweets, almost orgasmic over how she was “Taking Me On”

Bygawd kya Lolwa Log hain yaar…..Kitni kami hai inki Zindagi mein khushi ki…ki itne mein hi koodne lagte hain. Vaise don’t worry all this is just the after effects of me asking for Feminist Tears Mug yesterday. “

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