Trump’s Orders Need Not Be Followed by US Armed Forces – Says Hayden Former CIA Director


Donald Trump, is yet to secure the nomination of this party, but has earned enough criticism. Michael Hayden, the former Director of the CIA believes that the US military has higher chances to refuse to follow orders, from the President, if Trump becomes one. Hayden says, he would be very much concerned if Trump continues to use the same language as he does in his campaign. Donald Trump has earlier expressed his feelings on torture treatments like waterboarding to extract truth from the terrorists. These had been stopped during the first term rule of President Barrack Obama.

Trump also had expressed during the debate of the presidential candidates of the Republican party, that US should kill the family of terrorists. Trump said, “That will make people think. Because they do not care very much about their lives, but they do care, believe it or not, about their family’s lives.” When Hayden appeared on “Real Time”, an interview with Maher, commented on this, when he was asked if this thought occurred to him. He enunciated, if such orders were issued, “… the American armed force would refuse to act.” He added following such an unlawful order will only mean, “that would be in violation of all international laws of armed conflict.” Hayden, also voiced that the armed forces need not  follow unlawful orders.

Maher hilariously mentioned, Hayden has given US a real good reason to support not Trump, stating this would lead to an upheaval in the country. Hayden quickly replied, he didn’t mean that the military would incite a coup d etate.

Hayden the former head of National Security Agency, had enunciated these views when asked about Sun City Retirement Community campaign of Donald Trump, that was held earlier this month. Trump strongly enunciated that ‘torture works’, and strongly said, would bring back waterboarding and other similar and stronger torture techniques.

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