Foster Mother Sentenced To Life In Prison For ‘Barbarous’ Murder Of 18-Month-Old

A Mother of four and and full time business student killed an 18-month-old toddler in the most barbaric and torturous way. Toddler Keegan Downer, born Shi-Anne, died in hospital after she collapsed at the family foster home in Birmingham last September.


35-year-old Kandyce Downer from Weoley Castle, Birmingham, killed Keegan Downer just months after she was made the little girl’s legal guardian and was under her care legally.

After the post mortem analysis, it is believed that the toddler had been repeatedly beaten hard and suffered more than 200 injuries on her body which includes seven broken ribs, broken legs and severe head and spine injuries. Moreover she had around 153 scars on her body, including her face and neck and hands. She died from a  combination of septicaemia, infection, blunt chest trauma, and old head injuries.


The little girl was put into foster care just after her birth in march 2014 as her biological mother was a heroin addict.

She was looked after by an experienced foster care under Jane Murray, who was appalled by the incident and described the little toddler as a “sweet, placid little girl” before Downer – a distant relative – applied to care for the child and with the blessing of social services, and a formal court hearing, she was made her guardian


The baby was placed in Downer’s care in January 2015.

Surprisingly, the mother tried to blame her 17-year-old teenage son for the murder to escape and divert the police. But further investigations and post mortem report confirmed the murderer.

Downer began abusing Keegan a few months into her care, when her relationship with her married boyfriend ran into trouble as he didn’t wish to commit to her which led to the frustration that allegedly killed the little toddler.
Downer has been sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years for the heinous crime she has committed.






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