Girl Ends Marriage & Gets Divorce On Impotence Complaint

Not happy with one’s sexual life after marriage is not a new thing coming out but getting a divorce on same basis is something to talk about specially in a country like India where women aren’t given much option when it comes to sexual pleasure.


Newly married Fatima Biwi (name changed) from Katna village in Murshidabad sought divorce because her husband has not able to satisfy her physically after their marriage as he is suffering from Erectile dysfunction. She has also demanded the assets worth Rs 55,000, which she bought as dowry.



18-year-old Fatima was married to Wasim Abbas (name changed) two weeks ago. She hails from Khechuri village in Burdwan district. After the ceremonies, when members from the girl’s family went over to her in-laws’ house, some of them got to know about Wasim’s sexual problems. But unbeknown to her, she was too new to understand all of this.


It all happened when Fatima went to her parent’s home and made a revelation about her dissatisfied sexual life with her husband, Wasim.



After her family support, she approached Shabnam Ramaswami, founder of an NGO called Street Survivors India.

Ramaswami said: “Since 2002, villagers have been approaching us to sort out their problems. This includes cases where a woman or a man has problems in their relationships or when a girl has been denied her rights to her house and assets. At our Stree Shakti Prokalpo, we have a forum where women’s issues are discussed. Fatima’s case was addressed here.”



“On our wedding night, I realized that my husband has erectile dysfunction. In our village, marriages have broken up earlier. But no girl has ever cited impotence as a reason.” Fatima said.



As per now Fatima has won the legal battle and On Wednesday, Wasim’s family is going to come over to take the divorce papers. That’s when the dowry money will be returned to us formally.






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