Girl Filmed Her Own Sexual Assault By Father To Prove Him Guilty

Victim shaming is not a new concept especially in a country like India where a victim is more insulted than helped.


In one incident, a victim had to make her own MMS to prove the sexual exploitation she was undergoing. The man was none other than her own father who had been raping her for past four years. The appalling incident took place at Orai in Jalaun district of Jhansi.


According to a report in the Times of India, the girl had tried several times to tell her mother and sister, of her ordeal, but they didn’t believe her and simply neglected all the allegations.


Running out of patience and not able to handle the outrageous treatment by her father, She then took the help of a friend in the neighbourhood.


She in a bid to prove her relentless sexual harassment filmed the entire act the next time her father exploited her. She intentionally left the window open and her friend captured the video on phone.


The girl first showed the video to her mother and lodged a complaint against her father for sexual abusing her since four years. Every time she tried complaining, she was asked for a proof but this time she came prepared.


Police officer Jang Bahadur Yadav said that a case has been lodged against the father under Section 376, 506 IPC and Section 34 POSCO Act. The medical report of the girl is still awaited.



This is truly disgusting that a victim has to prove her ordeal. A woman or a girl, who has been subjected to rape or sexual harassment, is put through even more mental torture than physical mishandling. Especially in the case, when the accused is in the family. In the name of honor and respect, people at times stop women from reporting such cases that happen in the family.




  1. says

    Well! I just hope it is not another exaggeration. Or even if true, the fact is that this is the only part of news that will ever be covered. After all a fear hysteria is to be created amongst women that they are being abused and raped by everyone. No one will mention of all those cases where the case has been proven false later. And it’s no less.
    Nobody believed! The same old false cry. I have never seen anyone not believing a woman.

    • Charu Dua says

      In india, the bubble reputation of a family is much more important than reporting a case against a family member. There are hundreds of girls who are abused on a daily basis by a family member, to which family try not to react keep the matter under covers like ‘ghr ki baat ghr mein rakho’. Even if her mother would have trusted her, they wouldn’t have complaint due to the same reasons mentioned above. Not all girls are bold enough to come out of it like she did. And yes, don’t just blatantly ignore the patriarchal nature of our society which tries to tame the girl every minute.

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