Girlfriend Kills Her Boyfriend For Posting His #Womancrushwednesday On Instagram

Social media has been synonym to break ups  but one girl went a step ahead  and  killed her boyfriend over it. The hard truth about social media makes us re-think the value of real life over virtual image. Deron Jacobs, 26-year-old man was killed by his girlfriend after he allegedly posted his “Woman Crush Wednesday” which is known as the popular hashtag “#WCW” or “#WomanCrushWednesday” which trends on instagram and twitter every Wednesday. She killed him in the rage that she wasn’t her #WCW.


24-year-old Rachel Edwardson stabbed to death his boyfriend while he was asleep in their condo they both shared. It was sheer out of insecurity that made her took the extreme step as the couple’s friends believe they both had a cordial relationship and never showed any problems and discomfort with each other’s presence.


According to a close friend of the couple, there was no violence between the two but just regular arguments that most of the couples experience.


As soon as she saw the post, she stabbed him with knife and left him in lying in pool of blood. Police arrived at the incident and she was caught sitting in the bath tub with her face down in the water and and her hands behind her back waiting for the police to arrest her.



Deron’s best friend was too shocked after the incident as he had a word with him just few moments ago. He made an official statement saying, “I was texting my boy Deron when he sent me the iMessage of the girl he was going to tweet out as his Woman Crush. It was a chick he DM’d frequently and got nudes from but she didn’t even live in our state. I can’t understand why his girl would kill him over posting a photo on twitter.”


Some of the couple’s friend said that Rachel had some low self esteem issue as she was dark skinned and overweight, which might have bundled up her insecurities that resulted in Jacob’s death but murdering someone over posting an image on instagram ain’t justified.


She has been charged of second degree murder and might serve life sentence if proven guilty.



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