Girlfriend Runs Over Her Boyfriend After A Scuffle

In one bizarre incident in Houston, a woman accidently killed her boyfriend by running over him after a fight over a trivial issue. The 33-year-old Jerry Bonner was found dead at the 5300 block of Selinsky
around 10pm on Monday.


HPD Homicide Division Sergeant R. Rodriguez and Officer C. Elder reported:
Mr. Bonner and his girlfriend were in her vehicle and got into an argument. The female decided to stop in a parking lot in an attempt to talk out about the matter. When the girlfriend stopped the vehicle, Bonner got out and began verbally abusing her. He then got back into the vehicle and, leaving the passenger door open. Bonner’s girlfriend then tried to drive away from the place. The vehicle went the wrong way on Selinsky and onto a grassy median. The vehicle then hit a bump, which caused Bonner to fall from the vehicle. He was then accidentally run over by the vehicle. But we are still investigating the fact that Mr. Bonner’s girlfriend intentionally ran over her boyfriend after the fight after throwing him out of the car.



The woman herself called the cops and stayed there to talk about it with police.



Homicide investigators were also called to the scene where the incident occurred but said an investigation was still underway and its too early to say that this was an accident.


The couple was together for 3 years but had frequent brawls with each other and at times it went way too physical and it got worse the last time they met that led to a deadly accident, which killed Mr. Bonner. If the girl will be proven guilty of the murder after the investigation of the case, she could face a life sentence in prison. This case will be referred to a Harris County grand jury.



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