A Man Was Attacked With Acid Whose Only Fault Was That He Tried To Help A Girl Forced Into An Abusive Marriage

Crime has no specific gender and it’s proven with this story where a good samaritan trying to help a girl who was forced into an abusive marriage was marred for life after the girl’s family poured acid on him for interfering into the matter.


An Acid attack can be the most gruesome act done on anyone. Vasu, the victim belongs to a small village called Proddatur in Andhra Pradesh was attacked in 2008 and one can actually never explain why bad things happen to good people and Vasu’s case is an example of just that.


Vasu’s batchmate, a girl, was forcefully living in an abusive relationship with her husband. He used to thrash her on a daily basis after drinking.

Vasu was her only companion who would care to listen to her ordeal, as the girl’s own family stayed out of the matter and asked Vasu to mind his own business.


Vasu’s batchmate gave up on life and tried to commit suicide but he tried to help her move past her ordeal. He was warned by the girl’s family to stay out of the matter on numerous occasions but he refused. And when he tried to complain about the matter to police, the girl’s family attacked him with acid.


Vasu and his younger sister are orphans and before the attack, his sister was married to someone in the village itself who left her after the attack on her brother fearing social stigma and remarried. Vasu’s sister is the only one who takes care of him now. Since he was blinded in the attack, he is now entirely dependent on her low income in order to survive.
Till date, Vasu hasn’t  filed an FIR against them in order to protect the girl from further harassment by her husband and in-laws.


It has been 8 years since the attack which has left Vasu blind with his face and chest area burned nearly to 40 percent. He has no help from the authorities as such and in an acid attack case, the situation gets worse with time, the victim requires surgery after every few months but what gets expensive is the daily dressing, legal battle, and financial struggle. If you wish to help in any way, please contact: Make Love Not Scars,info@makelovenotscars.org


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