Grandad Killed 10-year-old Grandson Before Falling To Death

Too much of everything is hazardous even if it’s too much of love. A 10-year-old was choked to death by his grandfather because he loved him way too much and couldn’t imagine his life without him . 65-year-old Sudhir Dagdumal Shah allegedly strangled his 10-year-old grandson to death and then committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of a building in Kondhwa on Saturday morning.

Sudhir would rarely be seen without his grandson. But this heart-wrenching incident shocked the family members and neighbours who had no inkling about this drastic step. The police have also recovered a suicide note in which Shah expressed his disturbance over the legal battle and urged that no one should be held responsible for their deaths.


The incident came to light when a few morning walkers found Sudhir’s body in a pool of blood. The police were alerted immediately. When they rushed to his residence, they found Jinay’s body on the staircase. There were strangulation marks on his neck.” Rajendra Mokashi, senior police inspector said.


As stated by family, He would drop Jinay to the bus-stop daily for school, and be there to receive the 10-year-old when he returned. They used to play together in the evenings. Jinay was attached to his grandfather more than anyone else. He had undergone a heart surgery and since then they were spending most of their time together, Sudhir took care of him all the time, which had also ignited the attachment between both.


On March 18, Paresh, Jinay’s father returned home around 11 pm. After dinner, everyone went to sleep. Jinay went to sleep with Shah in the hall. Around 1.30 am, Shah throttled Jinay and carried his body to the stairs outside the apartment. He then seemingly jumped to death from a duct space of the seventh-floor flat.


As mentioned in the suicide note, Sudhir was emotionally attached to his grandson. Also Claiming he was mentally disturbed, he said, “I will live for next 10 to 15 years. Instead of going to the court all these years, I prefer to die and get rid of this matter forever… I am taking Jinay along with me. I cannot go without Jinay. I have been taking his care. So I have taken the hard decision to take him along.”


“The reports of the post-mortem examination of the two also confirm our theory, thus primarily removing other possible theories,” Police said

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