Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cast Their Ballots After Recording Early Voting

The United States of America is all set to gear up for the final result day. Voters all across the nation went to cast their ballots after the contentious and volatile presidential campaign between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.


Hilary Clinton voted in Chappaqua, New York, and the Republican candidate Trump in Manhattan but it’s too early to decide who will win the actual race.



After an arduous battle of campaigning since 18 months  Clinton and Donald Trump cast their votes on Tuesday morning as millions of Americans went ahead to polling stations across the country to cast their final votes for the presidential elections.

More than 46 million people who voted early this year subsequently followed ballots, but it will be too early to say and judge whether the measures are tipped toward the former secretary of state or her Republican opponent, Trump.


Mr. Trump voted later in the morning near his home in New York City, escorted by his wife, Melania, his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband and young daughter.

One of the reporters asked him what if Mrs. Clinton is deemed as the winner, Mr. Trump said: “We’ll see what happens.

Before his arrival at the ballot, two topless women protested against trumps and said “Out of our polls, Trump, out of our polls, Trump!”


Clinton was welcomed by flashing cameras at a school in Chappaqua, New York, where she cast her vote with her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Clinton hopes to become the first female women president and she was also overwhelmed by hugs and handshakes outside the polling station.


“It is the most humbling feeling because I know how much responsibility goes with this,” Clinton told reporters outside Douglas G Grafflin elementary school, after casting her vote.


About 130 million Americans are expected to cast ballots this year in one of the most unpredictable campaigns in modern history,


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