• Karan Khanna says

      I don’t know who she is Chris. We can call her a ‘Horrific Woman’ meanwhile. I have no other information on this.

        • Karan Khanna says

          Thanks Neil. Could you also share their contact details for future posts? We would be thankful for the same.

          • says

            I sent the video to CNN’s messenger on their Facebook page. I’m so happy she was caught!!! After that, I sent it to NBC Nightly News & a blogger Lovelyti’s website. What a relief now hopefully justice can be served. My name is Nell from Shannell had to help it was weighing heavily on my mind. Thanks for the response & update 😊

        • Karan Khanna says

          Joe. When I uploaded the video, I got a strong backlash from the feminist community. In a few days, it was reported for child misdeed (if you understand what I mean). They forced us to remove it.

    • Karan Khanna says

      Thanks for your concern Frances. I am not sure of what country she is from, but we need to share this video as much as possible, so that whosoever she is, she gets jailed.

    • Gabriela Costa says

      Not all women, I do not know who says that, I have never heard that in any women circle, as everything in the world: there are good women and bad women, good men and bad men. I do not like that there are terrible images of a child being abused and molested and your comment is to mock people you do not agree with.

  1. Gabriela Costa says

    Where did you get the video from though? This needs to be solved. That woman needs to be put in jail or sentenced to death and the child be put in good hands.

    • Karan Khanna says

      Gabriela, a friend shared it on Facebook. I am not sure of the details of the woman. But if we keep sharing it, someone might be able to recognize her.

  2. Robert says

    Evil like this needs to be erased from this world, sadly the only way to erase evil is to destroy it, that woman needs to be found and eradicated for the benefit of humanity. I hope God senses someone to save those children, if I knew who and where she was I would erase her myself.

    • Karan Khanna says

      Your frustration is valid Robert. If this video would not have been recorded, she would have been abusing the child continously. Perhaps, she still is :(

  3. Carey Jones says

    That’s awful someone needs to throw her a beating I feel so bad for that child they need to require people to have a evaluation before they have kids and or watch kids

  4. Sharon says

    This woman needs to suffer, she needs to be beaten, wrapped in barbed wire have a baseball bat wrapped in barbbed wire shoved up both her ends and in her mouth this sick fucking individual doesn’t deserve to have lids at all this makes me extremely sick I feel so bad for those poor kids why the fuck has nothing been done about it

    • Karan Khanna says

      Sharon, it was a matter of chance that this incident got recorded. Or I wonder anything could stop her. Or maybe, she is still active.

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